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:bulletyellow: Official Characters
This folder is dedicated to the solo images of the official characters of the Sonic franchise throughout the multiple medias and representations the series has given us throughout the years. This folder is for single characters only. Multiple forms of the same character however are still considered to be one character. (Example: Having Modern Sonic and Classic in the same picture would count as one character.)

:bulletpurple: Fan / Original Characters
This folder is dedicated to the solo images of fan / original characters inspired by the Sonic franchise.

:bulletyellow: Multiple Characters
This folder is dedicated to group images that show off two or more characters. This applies to all official, original and fan characters. Not be be confused with the Romance / Couples folder.

:bulletpurple: Romance / Couples
This folder is specific for characters who are showing affection and/or are in love with each other.

:bulletyellow: Character References / Written Bios
This folder is where all references and biographies for fan / original character. Redesigns are also allowed as well. General images however are not. NO JOURNAL SUBMISSIONS ! !

:bulletpurple: Comics
This folder is for short comics / 1-comic pages. Comic covers are also allowed here. Both traditional and digital comics are welcomed.

:bulletyellow: Written Works
This folder is for all written stories, poems and other forms of literature that are not comics. NO JOURNAL SUBMISSIONS ! !

:bulletpurple: Miscellaneous
This folder is dedicated to submissions like avatars, memes, animations and other mediums. For a better list of what is considered miscellaneous, there are examples within the folder's description. Still not sure if your submission belongs? Just ask !

:bulletyellow: Works in Progresses (WIPs)
This folder is for currently working on projects you want to showcase. If it's a final image, please DO NOT submit here.

General Rules

:bulletpurple: NO JOURNALS ARE ALLOWED WITHIN THE GROUP. Even though this rule is visible multiple times, journals still are submitted.

:bulletyellow: Please submit to the correct folder.
you’re not sure where to submit, please check the “Where to Submit” section above.
If you’re still unsure where to submit, don’t be afraid to comment !

:bulletpurple: Submission is limited to 3 a day. This is to accommodate for the number of members we have.

:bulletyellow: Please no overly excessive offensive materials. We do not need any drama, This includes images that are too mature.

:bulletpurple: If it is a Work in Progress (WIP) / unfinished work then please submit it to the WIP folder. Once it is finished you can then resubmit it to the correct folder.

:bulletyellow: Please don’t be rude ! This is a friendly environment for everyone to make friends and support one another.

:bulletpurple: MUST BE ACTIVE ! Activeness is something we’d like to see.

:bulletyellow: Absolutely NO Recolors, Stolen, Traced or Hateful art. If anything if tried then it will be dealt with accordingly.

:bulletpurple: Please, no spamming whatsoever. If you spam, you will receive a warning by of of the admins.
If the spamming persists then you will be blocked, group member or not.

:bulletyellow: No porn or any explicit nudity allowed in any folder. No genitalia is allowed to be shown. No matter how minor.
If you’re unsure about your image, please notify an admin.

:bulletpurple: Please no images that can caters to fetishism solely and primarily. It puts the admins in a awkward position.
If you’re unsure about your image, please notify an admin.

Gallery Folders

[LEWD]  Sally by Armpit-Warrior
Blaze by Sue--Boo
nocturnus by spacecoloniie
bureizu Za kyatto~~ by stylishGamer
Official Characters
but it showed us kindness in the end by coffee--latte
Amy Rose (Sonic Adventure 2 Re-Mastered) by UrsineTimes
Maria Robotnik (Sonic Adventure 2 Re-Mastered) by UrsineTimes
I'll handle the Fat Man! by 1HardDan1
Fan - Original Characters
Type: Fly by Ren-Yu
Oh hi! // Art trade by PurpleFoxKinz
Where's the cab? // Art trade by PurpleFoxKinz
Fineeve - I will kill you by SilverAlchemist09
Multiple Characters
Danny's Full Sonic Collection by Winter-Phantom
Sonic 1: Omochao Edition by Winter-Phantom
Father's Day by FlameEttard
.~ Looking Spicy ~. by NicoRoy
Romance - Couples
Sickfinite by Star-Shiner
Smooches by PurpleFoxKinz
Sparkle! || Sonamy by blueswansong
Character References - Written Bios
-REF: Wes D'Alaska- by BAD-pink
Future Amy(Rebel) by Sir-Duke01
Sonic Au: Switch Roles References by HimeMikal
Noah Vaughn [NEW FC] by XAnime-SonicArtistX
the legend of cris the hedgehog pag 195 by SonicXstar
TailsxNicole Mega Contest Entry- Warm Light by CatbeeCache
Sonic Heroes 2 - Sonic - page 52 by Missplayer30
Sonic Heroes 2 - Sonic - page 51 by Missplayer30
Written Works
Male-Sonic-Adoptable-batch: OPEN/SET PRICE/400pts by ImoutoChao
Custom Adopt: Black Cat by TerrieVLittle

Mature Content

Commission-Custom Adoptable Falconpawnch7 6 by DL-95
Closed Adoptable Pink Wolf by DL-95
It's No Use! by NeonstarMars
Triple Gadget by Star-Shiner
Klonoa and Tails - Yun and Yang by Parlinten
Sonic Chibi Base by StarletKei
W.I.P.s Only
Marine The Raccoon WIP by LeaRicchan
FULL - Official Characters
The King has Arrived by InvdrScar
FULL - Official Characters
FULL - Fan Characters
Super Fleetway SonSilvShad fusion by juriesss
FULL - Fan Characters

Mature Content

Disgrace by ToTo088
FULL - Fan Characters
xx.:Fabienne:.xx by xMissFabulousx
FULL - Fan Characters
FULL - Multiple Characters
Crevan Divinus and Fenrir Galen by Zephyros-Phoenix
FULL - Multiple Characters
Team silver .:collab:. by Tri-shield


Our group of Affiliates <3 Please check these guys out, they are amazing places. If you want to affiliate all you have to do is send a invite! No Hate or Anti Groups please <3
Hello everyone!

A quick note regarding your submissions.
I try my best to check your submissions daily but today I had to reject 10!

Please, and I will repeat it one more time - read the rules!!! All I want you to remember is to submit your art to the right folder!
If it's a drawing of MORE than 1 character there's a folder called Multiple Characters for all the OCs and your FCs as well. I understand it may be confusing at times but we want to keep our gallery tidy for you and those who like to browse around.

If you notice that your art has been declined without a given reason please refer to this journal from now on.

Cheers everyone! :highfive:
More Journal Entries



This is the where you can see who keeps MA in place. Don't be shy to say hi or anything of the such <3





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This Petition is regarding the situation with the IDW comics and the fate of the SATAM characters.…
It's mostly for the comic reading sonic fans. 
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Hey! Unfortunately, we cannot accept any journal entries in this club. However, if you make some sort of an animation with your cover track in it I think the admin would not have anything against it :) Again, you can make an advertisement of your video using a picture or animation with the link leading to your video guitar cover and submit it to Miscellaneous as long as it's sonic-related.
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Huh, I see. Alright then, thanks anyways.
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